Format of the rally and timing

- Documentation will open at 9AM on Saturday (exclusively dedicated to UK competitors until 10 AM). Possibility to go through it until 3 PM but it will then be open to all from 10 AM (queues likely).

- Recce from 10 AM to 7 PM (more than enough to go through all 3 stages at least 4/5 times). We will provide with incar video of the recce approx 10 days ahead of the rally so that you can prepare yourself and save some time.

- Start of rally Sunday 24th of April: 1st car out of Parc Fermé at 8AM.

- First car (Historic) back into Park Fermé at 16:13 (to appear in the Belgian classification cars must stay in Parc Fermé 30" after the last Historic competitor has clocked in). However UK crews who wish to rush to Calais can leave parc Fermé at any time if this is fine with your regs. They just won't appear in the final Belgian classification).

3 stages, 4 legs, Central service parc after each stage (splash and dash after SS1&SS2, 16" after SS3). 

- Presence of Pirelli Tyres fitting truck in the service area Saturday&Sunday. They will bring and fit tyres which will have been ordered beforehand (we can send you the prices which we think, with the exchange rate are quite attractive).